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Howard Weston, Director

I'm Howard Weston. I help private investors, high net worth individuals and companies by negotiating and acquiring strategic and profitable businesses for them for less money and on better terms than they could achieve on their own.

I've helped business owners and investors from all over the UK and abroad in most industrial sectors and have personally handled over 250+ transactions. My clients have added millions of pounds to their bottom line.

Clients like my style of operation because I personalise my acquisition service to their exact needs, based on what's possible and what will deliver their objectives quickly, to budget and with the minimum of fuss.

I don't hide behind a deal management team, account managers, call centres or a revolving door of sales staff. Want to know what's going on in a deal? Call me, I'm the one doing the work. All my clients get transparency and accountability. What really sets me apart is my dedication and belief that the only thing that matters is the result I get for each and every one of the people that have instructed me. I'm directly accountable for the results I deliver.

“Howard offers an accessible/user friendly approach able to relate to sellers, buyers and professionals at different, but appropriate levels. He is 'gloss free' and achieves results through his professional discretion and his ability to engage naturally with his clients.”

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In the beginning

I qualified as one of the UK's youngest ever commercial divers and scuba diving instructor at the age of 18. Although it was a lot of fun, and sometimes very risky, I quickly realised it wasn't a long-term career option. I subsequently went on to start, own and sell several businesses.

As well as being entrepreneurial, a thorough understanding of the corporate world comes from working for a Fortune 500 company as European sales and marketing manager, where I was responsible for a divisional sales increase of 400% inside two years. Further marketing know-how came from my role as advertisement director for a leading contract magazine publishing and media company.

A rich foundation in selling businesses

I spent a number of years as a business broker for a national brokerage firm before starting Lucas & Weston with Julian Lucas in 2002. For the past 18 years, I have been successfully advising owners, shareholders and investment groups on buying and selling businesses. I have been directly responsible for deals and sales transactions worth millions of pounds.

Not just academic theory

Whilst I am a qualified financial adviser, member of the Corporate Finance Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW), and hold the institute's Corporate Finance Qualification, my real-world qualification is the hard-won experience and understanding of the deal process gained from delivering over 250+ M&A deals. Not just being in the right place at the right time once or twice, but working at the coalface getting deals done, come rain or shine.

I've represented Public Limited Companies, business owners and private investors. I'm equally at home in the boardroom of a FTSE listed business as I am on the factory shop floor.

I'm an avid reader and big believer in continuous learning, particularly on negotiation. I'm always looking for new and better ways do things and recognise that I'm only as good as my last deal.

Despite years of experience, I don't always have all the answers. However, I do have the contacts, knowledge and wherewithal to know where to look and find them. I always relish a fresh challenge.

I am fortunate to be regularly invited to speak on business sales and company valuations and have written articles for the BBC, BusinessLink and other media.

I am married, have a daughter and live in Bath.

Outside work interests include: scuba diving, rugby, reading, psychology, travelling and playing the guitar badly.

Weston Acquisitions

A common theme I’ve noticed over the years is that business acquirers are badly catered for when it comes to specialist advice and deal origination services. Sellers, on the other hand, can choose from over 500 advisers.

This obvious lack of advice and services, coupled with my years of experience of putting deals together, led me to design and build, from the ground up, a specialist SME business acquisition service for the corporate client and private investor alike. The kind of service I would want to use. So, I created the imaginatively titled Weston Acquisitions to fill this need.

The choice of name isn’t a homage to my ego, more a will to put my name above the door. So you know that I am accountable, that I care and that I can’t afford to do a bad job. I’m personally responsible for the results I deliver. There’s no safety net or anonymity. No hiding behind a corporate structure, call centre, associates or managers.

Over the years, I’ve repeatedly been asked to represent acquirers, so in late 2015 I set about running a trial with three clients. The results of that trial exceeded all of our expectations. All three of my clients acquired, with one having over a dozen options within less than six weeks. 100% success rate, and that was just a trial of the service. Whether it is deal origination, valuation, negotiation or just common-sense, practical advice - you can rest assured the services on offer have been thoroughly tried and tested, and they work formidably.

I’d would love to help you with your acquisition needs and know that together, whatever your goals, we’ll make the right acquisition for you and you will prosper.

Call me directly on 01225 460 777 to have a discreet, and non-obligatory, initial conversation today.

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Howard Weston - Acquisitions
In the office, Bath 2018.
Howard diving with giant mantas
Blue Planet moment - diving with giant mantas off Pemba Island in 1991.
Night Diving
Off to work. Ireland in 1993.
Howard Weston 2002
The start of L&W in 2002.
Howard Weston on BBC Website
First article for the BBC in 2008 (link).
Howard Weston Acquisition Masterclass LSE London 2012
Delivering the Buy a Business Masterclass at the LSE in 2012.
Howard & Julian 2014
Here with Julian celebrating another L&W success in Stockholm 2014.
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