deal origination

Finding the right business to buy.

Finding the right business to buy, deal origination, has traditionally been seen as one of the more difficult aspects of the mergers and acquisition (M&A) process.

Many large companies and private equity businesses employ a dedicated team, or acquisition director, whose sole job is to try and find acquisition opportunities. However, you don't have to be a multi-national operation or billion pound hedge fund to start your own search or get involved in finding an acquisition.

Save time and money outsourcing your M&A deal origination to Weston Acquisitions.

Weston Acquisitions offers a cost-effective deal origination only program, recognising that finding the right target is often the hardest bit. It works very simply. Once we have sourced and introduced the target to you (based on your instructions and profile), we play no further roll in any transaction. You retain total control of the acquisition process while reducing your acquisition costs.

At any stage of the M&A process, we can also provide adhoc consultancy or other services if you require it.

Deal origination covers both on market and off-market opportunities. We also maintain an expansive database of contacts which regularly supports our target profiling.

Deals can be sourced and introduced very quickly, making origination uncomplicated and inexpensive.

Deal origination for buying a business

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