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Why us, and how we can help you?

More time, more opportunities and focus.
Many people find the slog of tracking down the right opportunities and the protracted process of dealing with multiple vendors tiresome. Because we do the heavy lifting, you won't have to waste time, effort and resources on opportunities that are non-starters. Without the hassle of vendors, advisers and bureaucracy, you can focus on the right targets and spend time on the strategic thinking and planning. You will gain free time to do the things you do best.

Confidential and discreet.
We operate with total discretion at all times. Without it, we wouldn't have a business. What's more, no sensitive or private information is passed to any party without your express approval. Your privacy and confidence will be maintained.

Shortcut common mistakes and rookie errors that can cost you dear.
With over 250+ acquisitions and sale projects under our belt, you'll benefit from tapping into our near 20 years experience at the coalface. Experience teaches what works and what doesn't. You won't make the same mistakes as others have made. Therefore, you can be confident that you're getting a good deal at the right price.

Cost effective and good value.
With lawyers and other professionals, you often get the feeling that the meter is running regardless of what's happening. Getting a bill for every phone call and a charge for every email makes it hard to budget. We'll let you know exactly what a project is going to cost from the start. Our fees are linked to performance targets and are transparent. Valuations, research, consultancy, negotiation and deal origination can individually run into thousands of pounds. With the acquisition service, they're all-inclusive.

We only undertakes projects where value, real value, can be added, far more than any fees charged. You will get a return on your investment and value for money. We'll help you acquire a business on favourable terms and can save you thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands. We've done it on over 250+ deals. We can do it for you too.

Bespoke to you.
When using a service, have you ever felt like you're on a conveyor belt, just another a cog in the wheel? One size doesn't fit all, so why be a number? Instead, have an acquisition project built from the ground up to your exact needs and objectives. Don't waste time and money paying for things you don't need.

Targets you couldn't reach by yourself.
It's easy to think you've got the market covered. But around 85% of business sales take place behind closed doors, long before you'd ever see an advert or get a note from a broker. With Weston Acquisitions, you will gain a new perspective on deal origination. Access to databases, a tailored research plan and a vast contact book will find you opportunities both on and off-market. Opportunities you wouldn't get to see otherwise. Opportunities you wouldn't find yourself.

Unique insights into the seller's mind.
Predominantly a sell-side broker for over 18 years, we are uniquely placed to know the seller's motivations, signals and expectations. We know how they are likely to feel and what they try to accomplish. We know the agenda and tricks of the trade their advisers might pull. Knowing how the other side thinks gives you a great advantage in any negotiation. We'll prevent you from wasting time and money looking at businesses which will never sell. Why work alone?

Negotiating expertise.
Everyone likes to think they're a great negotiator. But for something as big as an acquisition, can you be sure you won't overpay or agree to a concession which could haunt you for years to come? Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise not earned in a classroom, but proven in time over hundreds of deals.

Don't overpay.
With Weston Acquisitions, we benchmark any valuation against the market, previous sales and my database of prior deal analysis. Most large corporate buyers overpay in the SME space. We'll tell you why and make sure you don't fall into the same trap. You'll also avoid negotiating against yourself and being used to bump up the price in a trade auction.

Avoid deal fatigue.
Often, sellers are unprepared for a sale, and it can take time getting all the information together and checked. Once lawyers get involved, it can put a drag on the process as well. Frustration and deal fatigue can kick in and stop a deal dead in its tracks. With a wise guiding hand who has been there and done it, you'll be guided at every step, so your deal doesn't fall apart or run out of steam.

Mitigate risk.
One of the biggest reasons buyers pull out of deals is risk. The risk of making a mistake; the risk of looking a fool; the risk of wasting your time, money and resources. With Weston Acquisitions in your corner, you'll have a wise pair of eyes watching your back. You'll get common-sense practical advice, even if it might be blunt or not what you want to hear. Because of this, you'll eliminate problems early on, enjoy a safety net and stand a better chance of completing your deal without unnecessary dramas and headaches.

Focused attention.
You should work with the people who do the job, someone highly experienced who is responsible and accountable to you and whose interests are aligned with yours. Also, someone who understands your position and is motivated to help you realise your goals. We handle every single project with my hand-picked team of trusted researchers; no juniors, interns, associates or revolving door of relationship managers. Instead, a seasoned and qualified professional dedicated to you and your project.

The benefit of independence.
We are not linked to any legal or accounting firms. We don't take introduction fees from banks or funders, and we have no hidden agenda. We commit to your objectives and outcome and offer independent and objective advice that's in your best interests, even if we don't profit from it.

Reputation and credibility from the start.
Get taken seriously and be seen as credible from the start. Because of the deals we've done and the way we operate, we are a trusted adviser. We get calls returned as sellers, and their advisers know we won't waste their time. We guard our reputation fiercely, and our involvement lends credibility to your approach. The other side will respect your using an established, qualified and trained professional in good standing.

Fees to suit your budget.
Offering short-term contracts, we offer flexibility and good value to fit your budget or acquisition requirements. Use a little or use a lot, Weston Acquisitions can scale to meet your needs.

Accountability and responsibility.
It is Howard's name above the door. He is only as good as his last deal. We can’t afford to do a bad job. Success matters. we are answerable to you at all times, directly incentivised, and responsible for your positive outcome. We want you to be a cheerleader for our services and we want to have a long-term and mutually profitable relationship with you.

Hold the reins.
Your project gets built to your exact requirements. We work with you to make sure those objectives are met while you are in control of the process via regular reporting and updates.

Accountability and responsibility.
It is Howard's name above the door. We are only as good as his last deal. We can’t afford to do a bad job. Success matters. we are answerable to you at all times, directly incentivised, and responsible for your positive outcome. We want you to be a cheerleader for our services and we want to have a long-term and mutually profitable relationship with you.

No long-term contract.
It is quite common to have to sign up for an annual or long-term contract. Weston Acquisitions ask for an initial six-month term, as this is long enough to create multiple opportunities.  Many clients keep me retained for the consistent quality targets we source.

The latest insights and research.
Weston Acquisitions subscribe to various market-leading research and insight providers. As a client, you'll get the latest industry research and analysis to help inform better decisions making.

Carefully curated targets.
My bespoke service separates the wheat from the chaff. Time wasters and non-deals get weeded out. You'll save time and money.

Understand how to make an offer when there is no price.
Many sellers don't put an asking price on their business. How do you value it? Bypass this problem and learn how to make an offer that is taken seriously.

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