why buy a business

Why buy a business?

Unless you win the lottery, there is no better way to secure your future and make a fortune.

As a private investor, you might be looking for a change of career or lifestyle. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and looking for a new challenge?

For corporates or small business owners, sales might have hit a brick wall; maybe you're feeling pressured from aggressive competitors? Has organic growth stalled? Is it too difficult to grow in the current climate?

The property market is not what it once was. The highly profitable projects are much harder to find, and there are far too many players in the field, shrinking the margins greatly.

ROI Acquisitions vs Other Asset Classes

Solid and steady yields from stocks and shares are thin on the ground during uncertain economic conditions. Cash in the bank could be eroded due to low-interest rates and inflation. Is now the time to change what you invest in?

A quick glance through the Sunday Times Rich List shows that nearly all entries have made their fortune through buying and selling companies. Weston Acquisitions will provide you with chances to join them.

...the potential for two, three and often higher digit returns plus capital growth.

Buying a business is still one of the very few ways you can make money, with the potential for two, three and often higher digit returns plus capital growth. Could a carefully matched acquisition accelerate your growth plans?

Don’t have the skills in your existing employees, want to enter a new field or need a new product range? Buy a business with the talent, location or goods. Problem solved with profits to boot.

With 20 years of buying and selling companies, Howard Weston is your expert and ally. You will have a discreet confidante who will research the market thoroughly, navigate the gatekeepers, handle sometimes tricky vendors, and above all, get you a cracking deal you couldn't get yourself. All this while you have peace of mind and your hands-free to manage your current, profitable affairs.

Top Performers do it.
Most corporates have a history of growing through acquisition. For many, it’s the major way they grow and create shareholder value.

According to global management consultancy Bain & Co, the buying and selling of businesses should be a critical part of any company’s growth aspirations. Furthermore, research has shown that those who make acquisitions are consistently the top performers in their sectors.

You can do it.
You don’t have to be a FTSE 100 company to take part. With less competition and a fertile marketplace, I specialise in SME businesses with values typically from £500,000 to £10m. Retirement sales are a particular favourite. Let Weston Acquisitions find you carefully matched opportunities and fulfil your business growth objectives.

Can you do it alone?
Buying a business today has never been easier. A quick search on the internet or scan of the Sunday papers will provide a ready list of opportunities. Hunting can be a very time-consuming process, testing even the steeliest patience. It takes a lot of background planning and fact verifying. Just trying to find the right business - the needle in the haystack - which matches your aspirations, budget and talents, can be taxing. Not to mention the efforts of negotiating, managing timescales, staying discreet, holding a steady keel and keeping to budget, all of which can all be truly time consuming and exhausting. Often challenges can appear insurmountable.

There's a lot to think about.

And that's just for starters.

If you’ve been looking to buy a business for some time, wouldn’t you agree that there’s no worse feeling of frustration than putting months of work into a project just to walk away fruitless, licking your wounds? Typically significant time, money and effort has been invested. Often the deal isn’t possible right from the start. If only you could have known.

It can be a steep and costly learning curve if you try to manage it all yourself.

Conversely, if you’ve bought a business before, you’ll recognise the hard to beat feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from a deal completion. Not forgetting the transformational effects on your business and personal wealth.

“Practice and know-how have taught me that there are three key questions you need to ask at the very beginning of a project. Just answering these has meant my clients don’t waste time on fantasy prospects with no mileage in them, freeing  them to concentrate on targeting the right prospect. They have saved precious time and money too.”
Howard Weston - Three Questions

Old boy's club.
The world of business sales might seem shrouded in smoke and mirrors and seen as alien to some. For most people, it can look intimidating, like an old boy's club. This offers a great advantage to industry insiders and disadvantage to those new to acquisitions and corporate finance.

Blood in the water.
If you don’t buy businesses regularly, you may quickly find yourself out of your depth. There are pitfalls all around. A seller’s advisers can often smell fresh blood and will look to take an early negotiating advantage from your goodwill, emotions and enthusiasm. Have Weston Acquisitions watch your back. You can then confidently, securely and safely acquire the business you want. On time and to budget.

My clients avoid these mistakes.
Whether you are looking to buy your first business or are an old hand at it, here are a few of the things you’ll avoid when using me to help deliver your acquisition:

Losing a deal due to seller expectations. More than anything else this is responsible for the failure of so many deals. How do you do a deal when the seller wants more than what is either reasonable or than you’re prepared to offer?

Antagonising the Vendor with a low ball offer, you can find yourself on very shaky ground. I’ve witnessed this kill many good prospects dead in their tracks. I’ll guide you through this minefield while delivering a deal which works for you and also keeps the Vendor on-board too.

Practical, accurate and credible valuation of targets is a standard component of my service and provides us with an excellent starting point for negotiation.

Complacency. Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners are good negotiators and have solid business skills, but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen experienced entrepreneurs and their professional advisers shooting themselves in the foot due to simple oversights, unforced errors and obvious omissions. No two deals are alike, so there is no room for complacency in deal-making. Having delivered over 250+ successful projects for my clients, you will take full benefit of my experience, insider knowledge, creativity and the attention to detail I bring to negotiations.

Paying too much. One recent buyer I know, with a top 4 accountant adviser, overlooked a couple of key points and overpaid nearly £500,000 as a result. 

After years of sell-side deals, I have observed many established or larger businesses consistently overpaying, sometimes massively, when they didn’t have to. I know how vendors think and behave, particularly with the stress of selling their business. My clients get an inside track when acquiring which means they keep a cool head and don’t overpay.

Deal fatigue. Managing a deal needs patience and skill. Momentum can be lost at any time for a wide variety of reasons. Once lost it’s very hard to get back and on track. Problems and issues can be hard to navigate. I do the heavy lifting and manage the process from the start through to the finish. Not just the fun and easy bit at the beginning, but every step of the way. This keeps you fresh and focused on taking control of your new acquisition, starting with a bang.

Missing off-market opportunities. Many businesses that come to market often already have trade competitors circling, wanting to make a bid. Brokers and advisers love this, as competition drives the price up. In a crowded space, a feeding frenzy isn’t the best place to be fighting for attention. Of course, not all on-market sales are like this; but you still don’t want to get stuck in a bidding war. So, while I continually look at on-market sales for clients, it won’t come as a surprise that I predominantly search for opportunities off-market. I've always found the recipe for striking off-market gold is keeping your finger on the pulse and, less excitingly, a dose of old fashioned research - but dipping into my big black book of contacts certainly never hurt.

An example.
Just recently, I found a business off-market for one of my clients. Owned by a gentleman looking to retire, early discussions highlighted that he didn’t have the appetite for using a broker and entering a drawn out sale process.

It didn’t take long to put a deal together that was satisfactory for both parties. My client picked up the business for a tenth of what he expected, gaining over £600,000 of turnover, a six figure profit and three new skilled employees.

Love at first sight.
On first glance, most businesses can appear attractive, particularly if they've been well prepared for a sale. But, every opportunity has its risks and concerns. How do you avoid the duds while furthering the gems? My hard earned experience has taught me where to look and how to evaluate and assess targets accurately and quickly, identifying any pitfalls and highlighting areas of hidden profits. Targets that Weston Acquisitions present to you will be screened, scrutinised and thoroughly vetted saving your nerves, precious time and money.

In seven years one client, with no prior industry experience and on his third acquisition with me, has assembled a mini-empire turning over £6m and growing. He works four days a week. His latest acquisition will have paid for itself inside six months adding over £150,000 to his bottom line. I blush when I think of the deals I’ve put together for him, they were that good. He’s not a one-off either. Other clients have grown their businesses and not only acquired new profit centres and growth opportunities but have also saved tens of thousands of pounds in the process from the advice that I offer.
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"I have bought five companies with Howard. He has a a unique way of making a deal happen where both buyer and seller are satisfied."

Paul O'Brien - MD - OD Fire Protection Ltd

Through our acquisition service, we offer a solution to, at the very least, level the playing field. Like most of my clients, you’ll leverage our experience to your advantage, tipping the odds in your favour.

Benefit from the winning combination of our proprietary and tested skill, technical know-how, industry insider experience and highly personal attention to what is most important to you. Together we will discretely and carefully target, tailor, plan, parachute in, negotiate and ultimately skilfully secure your goals. With Weston Acquisitions as a safety net, we will assist you with the most challenging operations, with the least possible hassle and distraction.

In order to maintain the highest standards of our bespoke offering, we are retained by a limited number of clients per year. As a Weston Acquisitions client you’ll benefit from bespoke and exclusive services proven to get results with dedicated and focused attention at all times.

Because it's his name above the door, Howard can't afford to do a bad job. He is only as good as his last deal and can't ever rest on his laurels.

By now, you’ll have recognised just some of the benefits of using me for your first or next acquisition, but we’d be delighted to talk through your requirements and answer any questions you might have.

Call Howard now on +44 (0)1225 460 777 or use the form below for an initial non-obligatory and free chat to see what’s possible for your future wealth. We look forward to talking with you shortly.

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